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  • Borislav Ivanov

The COVID-19 Situation in Bulgaria Worsens

As some countries are emerging from the pandemic, boasting high vaccination rates, and some have eradicated all cases of the disease, Bulgaria’s situation is rapidly worsening. Only around 20% of the population is vaccinated, with most people being hesitant or completely refusing to get vaccinated.

Hospital beds in many provinces and districts are rapidly filling up, and the situation is looking especially grim in Sofia. There are record-high numbers of cases, and a rising number of children are getting infected and hospitalized as well. New restrictions are soon to be implemented in Sofia, which could spread to other cities as well. Different extracurricular activities, language classes, educational centers, driving schools, and places for personal development are going to be suspended. Exhibitions, conferences, and seminars are also going to be prohibited. Theatres, cinemas, stage events, and concerts are going to take place with limited capacity of 30%.

For establishments to work after 11 pm, 100% of the staff has to have a COVID-19 certificate (a green pass). Many restaurants, cafés, bars, and other establishments will be required to only accept customers, that present a “green certificate”.

Romania is also in a similar situation, as cases are climbing rapidly, and the vaccination rate is not much higher than Bulgaria’s. In addition to that, a large number of people in these very culturally and historically similar countries, have decided to get fake COVID-19 certificates, which seriously complicates things if they want to actually get vaccinated at a later point.

Misinformation and propaganda kill people. Distrust can ruin your life. Until people get vaccinated, lockdowns will continue, and this is the harsh reality we are currently living in. Stay safe.

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