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  • Borislav Ivanov

Taliban are spreading in Pakistan, destabilizing Tajikistan

The Tehrik-e-Taliban, Pakistan’s own Taliban movement, had in previous years raged a bloody campaign against the government, however the situation has mostly been kept under control. The Taliban’s victory in Afghanistan, however, has emboldened the Tehrik-e-Taliban.

People in the rugged tribal regions of Pakistan, bordering Afghanistan, are not fearful of what might happen. It seems that the Tehrik-e-Taliban is preparing to retake control of these regions, which they lost 7 years ago. They have been steadily increasing their influence in these regions in the past weeks, taxing everything they can. Inness

According to a poll, conducted soon after the Taliban takeover in Kabul, 55% of Pakistanis would support an “Islamic government”, similar to the one advocated by the Taliban in Afghanistan.

The TTP claims primarily a region, called North Waziristan, as well as some neighboring tribal regions. Even if they are given control of the territories, which they claim, this probably just embolden them and make them want more. They likely won’t stop, until they are either defeated, or until they take over Pakistan completely.

The most worrying part is that Pakistan is a one of the few nations with access to nuclear weapons. If the TTP manages to seize control of some of the country’s nuclear weapons, many things are uncertain. If they manage to do so, some really dark moments might be ahead for the human species.

Tajikistan has also been suffering from the Taliban Takeover in Kabul. They have stated that they cannot afford to take any more refugees, as the influx has been enormous. Extremism is also on the rise there as well. Tensions between the Taliban and Tajikistan are also growing, with Taliban forces gathering in border regions.

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