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  • Borislav Ivanov

Parents are protesting against COVID tests in schools in Stara Zagora

Last night, parents of schoolchildren and other protestors gathered in front of the municipal building in Stara Zagora. The reason they were there was to protest the decision of the Ministry of education to implement free COVID tests, so that children can return to school once again.

© bulphoto

Earlier today it was announced that children will be able to return to school only if a maximally safe environment is provided. This means that schoolchildren can get vaccinated (if they are above the age of 12) or tested for free, as well as all teachers will need to be either vaccinated, or they are going to get tested for free.

Parents have even been provided with a choice – either give consent for their kids to get tested frequently (once again, for free), or they are going to continue having online classes. Nobody is forcing anyone to do anything. This is the most reasonable measure that could have ever been implemented, and people are still protesting.

The protest was organized on social media, and it was most likely instigated by Văzraždane – a far-right, anti-semitic, xenophobic political party, which is based on conspiracy theories. The parents demanded that their children return to their classrooms, and in the same time refused testing.

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