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  • Borislav Ivanov

Omicron – less severe?

According to preliminary evidence, shared by the World Health Organization, the Omicron coronavirus variation is more transmissible than the Delta strain and is more resilient to vaccines, although causes less severe symptoms.

As of December 13th, the WHO has reported that Omicron has spread to 63 countries. In South Africa, where Delta is less widespread, and in the United Kingdom, where Delta is the dominant strain, faster transmission was observed.

Omicron infections have so far resulted in "mild" disease or asymptomatic instances, according to the WHO, but the data is inadequate to determine the variant's clinical severity.

It is far too early to make conclusions; however, this is the logical progression of any virus. Omicron may represent the initial stage in the desired adaptation, in that it is more infectious and less virulent. Hopefully, this might be the beginning of the end of the pandemic. Ruiz Paramo

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