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  • Borislav Ivanov

Luxembourg – the first EU member to legalize cannabis

Luxembourg will soon become the first European nation to fully legalize the use and cultivation of cannabis. Adults over the age of 18 will be permitted to use cannabis, and to grow a maximum of four plants per household. Public consumption will remain illegal.

This initiative has the support of the government coalition; however, it is still awaiting a vote in parliament. It is an attempt at cracking down on the black-market drugs trade and on drug-related crimes.

Italy will also soon hold a referendum on the decriminalization of cannabis.

The War on Drugs was lost before it even began. It is a disastrous policy, initiated by the United States, which has had terrible consequences for the entire world. Europe is slowly but surely realizing that substances, such as cannabis, should not be illegal, as they are as dangerous as alcohol, or even safer. There are growing movements all-across the European Union, and we might soon witness similar situation in every EU member.

This policy needs to be implemented as soon as possible in Bulgaria as well, as this will be a heady blow to organized crime and to the illicit drug industry, while at the same time it is going to increase safety, bring in a lot of revenue, and increase tourism significantly.

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