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  • Borislav Ivanov

Jeff Bezos has announced plans for a “Space Business Park”

Blue Origin has announced plans to launch a commercial space station. They are hopeful that the station, called “Orbital Reef”, is going to be operational by the end of the decade. It has been stated that it will be a “mix-use business park”, which can host up to 10 people.

Blue Origin will collaborate with Boeing and Sierra Space to construct the space building. It is going to contain business facilities, research facilities, a space hotel, and it would be a perfect location for “film-making in microgravity”.

As the International Space Station is in dire need of replacement, NASA has been looking for a replacement. The ISS will stay operational until 2030, although Russia has wanted that its cosmonauts could leave the station by 2025, due to fears of outdated equipment causing accidents.

Earlier this week there was another new space station announced by Lockheed Martin, Nanoracks, and Voyager Space. It is going to be called “Starlab”, and it is expected to become operational by 2027.

This will mean that by the end of the decade, there are going to be at least 4 operational Space stations, setting new historic records.

Hopefully, the European Space Agency will become advanced enough to start working on a Space Station on its own, as the EU really needs to advance in that field.

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