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  • Borislav Ivanov

Hemus highway under investigation

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has started an investigation of the Hemus highway construction project. This is due to speculations of possible corruption. Hundreds of millions of euros have already been invested in the project.

Two days ago, the Minister of Internal Affairs, Boyko Rashkov stated, that there is data about “crimes, which smell of asphalt”. The data states that someone has been funneling money from the infrastructure project to the United Arab Emirates.

Police were at the scene this morning, using a drone to monitor a large portion of the construction project.

Investigators are trying to track every movement of the funding, and to determine if there has been intentional misallocation.

Opinion: These crimes should be punished severely. Corruption must not be tolerated in any single shape or form. The perpetrators should be made to repay the funds they have taken for themselves with severe interest. They should also lose their job and have a lifelong ban on getting higher positions in any corporation or institution.

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