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  • Borislav Ivanov

First meeting of new Bulgarian government

The first meeting of the newly formed Bulgarian government, headed by Prime Minister Kiril Petkov, is going to take place this Tuesday, starting at 12 o-clock. "The government meeting is extraordinary, as the prime minister and his members have set a goal to immediately start active work on current and urgent issues for the country, without expecting the traditional regular government meeting on Wednesday," the government press service said.

Parliament voted on Petkov's cabinet in an extraordinary session on Monday. The government was backed by the ruling majority "Continuing Change", the BSP, "There is such a people" and "Democratic Bulgaria". GERB, MRF and Vazrazhdane voted against it.

The Cabinet will consider changes in the Rules of Procedure of the Council of Ministers and its administration in connection with the new structure of the Council of Ministers.

There are five deputy prime ministers in the new government. New ministries are being set up, and a number of agencies and directorates are being transferred between departments.

The current Ministry of Economy is divided into two - the Ministry of Economy and Industry and the Ministry of Innovation and Growth. A Ministry of e-Government has also been established.

The composition of the government is:

Prime Minister - PP (Kiril Petkov)

Deputy Prime Minister for EU Funds and Minister of Finance - PP (Asen Vassilev)

Deputy Prime Minister for Effective Governance – PP (Kalina Konstantinova)

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy and Industry - BSP (Cornelia Ninova)

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Regional Development - ITN (Grozdan Karadzhov)

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Environment and Water - DB (Borislav Sandov)

Minister of Education - PP (Nikolay Denkov)

Minister of Health - PP (Asena Serbezova)

Minister of the Interior - PP (Boyko Rashkov)

Minister of Defense - PP (Stefan Yanev)

Minister of Transport - PP (Nikolay Sabev)

Minister for Growth and Innovation – PP (Daniel Lorer)

Minister of Culture - PP (Atanas Atanasov)

Minister of Labor and Social Policy - BSP (Georgi Gokov)

Minister of Agriculture - BSP (Ivan Ivanov)

Minister of Tourism - BSP (Hristo Prodanov)

Minister of Foreign Affairs - ITN (Teodora Genchovska)

Minister of Energy - ITN (Alexander Nikolov)

Minister of Sports - ITN (Radostin Vassilev)

Minister of Justice - DB (Nadezhda Yordanova)

Minister of Electronic Government - DB (Bozhidar Bojanov)

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