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  • Borislav Ivanov

Day 5: Belarus renounces non-nuclear status, Putin nuclear forces on high alert

The war of aggression toward Ukraine has entered its 5th day. Russia has completely failed to capture a single important city, as Kyiv, Kharkiv, Chernihiv and Mariupol, all of which under siege, remain fully in Ukrainian hands. This has led to more civilian buildings being struck by Russian missiles.

The EU has finally taken decisive actions to counter Russia. The European Union has closed its airspace to all Russian airplanes, they are spending millions for additional equipment and ammunitions for Ukraine, Russia has been disconnected from the SWIFT system, the Nord Stream 2 pipeline has been disconnected, and European militaries are being rapidly modernized. The Russian ruble is now falling and crashing quicker than Russian airplanes, plunging by more than 40%.

Belarus has fully entered the war, deployed troops and launching missiles towards Ukraine. This lead to a really worrisome development – Belarus has renounced its non-nuclear status, and is awaiting to receive nuclear weapons from Russia.

An even more worrisome development is the fact that Russia has mobilized its nuclear deterrent and strike forces. In this way, Russia is directly escalating the war towards a full-on global nuclear conflict.

Germany has started delivering weapons to Ukraine, and it now permits third countries to deliver their own German weapons to Ukraine.

The first round of talks was also conducted today, with the result being a mutual agreement to conduct more talks of de-escalation.

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