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  • Borislav Ivanov

Cryptocurrencies – our daily report (10.21.2021)

Yesterday, the prices of all cryptocurrencies started rising, with some reaching new all-time-high values. Currently all cryptocurrencies are in the green, except SingularDTV, Orchid, Dai, and Paxos standard.

We are slowly going to add more cryptocurrencies to our daily analyses. If there is a cryptocurrency you’d like to see on our list, don’t hesitate to comment down below.

Prices will most likely keep increasing, and soon we are going to see even new all-time-high values of many cryptocurrencies.


Bitcoin prices have skyrocketed, reaching an all-time-high yesterday. This is due the approval of the “Bitcoin Futures ETF”. We are going to write an article in the near future, where we are going to go into detail about this topic and explain what this means. Our prognosis is that the oldest cryptocurrency is going to experience sustained growth for the foreseeable future, and we are far from another crash. Values will keep on gradually rising. It could be a good time to invest, however when it comes to cryptocurrencies, it is best to exercise caution.

Since our last article, Bitcoin has reached a new all-time-high. The impressive value of $66 974 was reached, which is very close to Bitcoin’s peak value. Currently, it still sits above $64 000. It seems that the value is going to keep increasing, but it’s unclear for how long.

Price at its lowest this year: $30 191 | €26 068

Price at its highest this year: $66 974 | €57 476

Current price: $64 955 | €55 744


Ethereum has also risen drastically during the last 24 hours, almost reaching a new all-time-high value. The price of the cryptocurrency is going to continue rising, however, so we might soon see a new maximum value. Ethereum is a good investment, as it has shown the tendency of growth, while it is much less volatile than Bitcoin.

The peak value of Ethereum, during the last 24 hours is $4 241, while the current price is $4 180. It is most likely going to reach a new all-time-high value during the following 24 hours.

Price at its lowest this year: $733 | €632

Price at its highest this year: $4 379 | €3 757

Current price: $4 180 | €3 587


The Australian parody cryptocurrency has been relatively stable during the past couple of months. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, there isn’t the tendency for a sharp increase in price for Dogecoin. The investment potential of Dogecoin is great, as more and more websites and businesses allow transactions, using the currency.

Despite the soaring prices of other cryptocurrencies, the price of Dogecoin has stayed mostly the same, although experiencing a slight increase.

Price at its lowest this year: $0.005173 | €0.0045

Price at its highest this year: $0.740 | €0.64

Current price: $0.25 | €0.21 Black

Ripple (XRP)

Ripple has been relatively stable throughout the second half of 2021. There is a decent chance that prices will reach an all-time-high in the near future, although for the past couple of months the value has stayed roughly the same. It is a decently stable investment, but you should never invest too much in any cryptocurrency.

The price of Ripple has increased slightly since yesterday; however, it is not close to the growth, experienced by other cryptocurrencies. This currency has experienced prolonged periods of relative stability.

Price at its lowest this year: $0.238 | €0.21

Price at its highest this year: $1.81 | €1.56

Current price: $1.14 | €0.98 Diatel Photography


Cardano aims to directly compete with Ethereum and other similar decentralized platforms as a more secure, scalable, and efficient alternative. Since the beginning of the year, this currency has more than doubled in price. In recent months it has also remained quite stable. This also makes it lower-risk, relatively stable investment.

During the past 24 hours, the price of Cardano has also been a net-positive; however, the growth hasn’t been incredibly, like that of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Price at its lowest this year: $1.06 | €0.92

Price at its highest this year: $3.10 | €2.66

Current price: $2.25 | €1.93


One of the more recently popular cryptocurrencies, Polkadot claims to be one of the more environmentally friendly currencies of its kind. After a steep fall in price in May, Polkadot has recovered from its pitfall, gradually increasing to an almost all-time-high. It seems that this cryptocurrency is also going to be on the rise in the foreseeable future.

Since yesterday, the value of Polkadot has increased by more than $2, and at times yesterday, it was up by $4. Polkadot has a good growth potential, so we advise you to keep a close eye on this one as well.

Price at its lowest this year: $10.80 | €9.33

Price at its highest this year: $46.85 | €40.46

Current price: $43.68 | €37.48


Stellar has remained very stable for years, although it used to be low in price. This May, however, this cryptocurrency reached its all-time-high, after which it suffered a steep fall, similar to many other cryptocurrencies. The current trend for Stellar is a gradual increase, which could also lead to a new all-time-high for this currency.

The value of Stellar has increased by a small amount, although it is showing the tendency of growth.

Price at its lowest this year: $0.132 | €0.11

Price at its highest this year: $0.735 | €0.63

Current price: $0.391 | €0.34

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