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  • Borislav Ivanov

COVID-19: Bulgaria sets new records every day

Omicron is becoming more and more widespread in Bulgaria, constantly setting new daily records. Out of almost 46 000 conducted tests during the past 24 hours, 24% of them have given a positive result. The new daily infection record for the country now stands at 11 181. Of those who have tested positive, 78% have not been vaccinated.

Currently hospitalized are 5 269, which is a lot less compared to Delta hospitalizations. In intensive care there are currently 554 people, the majority of which were hospitalized prior to Omicron becoming widespread in Bulgaria. The disease has claimed the lives of 91 people during the past 24 hours, most of which could still be attributed to the Delta variant.

The number of newly vaccinated people has also increased during the past 24 hours - in total, 19 010 vaccines have been administered.

Credit: Thomas Faull,

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