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  • Borislav Ivanov

Bulgaria starts improving military capabilities

Amidst the soaring tension between Russia and the West over Ukraine, and after recent direct provocations directed towards Bulgaria and Romania, measures are being taken. Bulgaria is said to receive 7 “Eurofighter” jets from Spain and 2 additional F-35 jets from the Netherlands, which are going to assist in policing Bulgaria’s airspace. It is highly likely that a large quantity of aircraft is going to be sent to Bulgaria and Romania from the rest of NATO, in order to boost security. Spain has also stationed warships in Bulgarian waters in the Black Sea.

Credit: bfk92, iStock

Romania is also due to receive support from NATO, as Emmanuel Macron has announced the deployment of French troops in Romania.

Bulgaria is now negotiating the purchase of two new submarines, although it hasn’t been announced where they are going to purchase them from. It is also not known if they are going to be nuclear submarines or conventional ones.

The United States have also gifted armored vehicles and tanks to Bulgaria; however, this is yet to be announced, or it might not be announced officially at all. The US aircraft carrier Neptune Strike 22 has also been deployed in the area.

Denmark has sent frigates to the Baltic Sea, while Sweden has begun rapid militarization of its islands, and especially - of Gotland.

The European Union has begun bracing itself for the worst, and the Doomsday clock has almost hit midnight, the dawn is approaching. European unity is the only salvation, the only way for preservation.

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