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  • Borislav Ivanov

Bulgaria is bracing itself for the worst

Although the war is currently only contained within Ukraine, one wrong move could make the war spill over into neighboring countries and spiral into a global conflict.

The chance of an intentional war between Russia and NATO is minimal, but the chance of an accidental one is not negligible. Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, and the Baltic states have started heavily investing in their militaries and have called upon NATO for additional troops on the ground.

Credit: iStockphoto, CatEyePerspective

Even if the war doesn’t escalate in that manner, it is still going to have major implications on a lot of EU countries, which up until now have relied on both Russia and Ukraine for specific resources. That’s why Bulgaria has started stockpiling essential resources, such as wheat and corn, which are supposed to last until next autumn if there are shortages. Bulgaria has also increased its fuel reserves.

Credit: iStockphoto, Damzan

Despite the chance of a nuclear conflict being relatively low, the chance of a nuclear accident at one of Ukraine’s Nuclear Power Plants is relatively high. Because of this, Bulgaria has refreshed its stockpile of potassium iodide pills, which can prevent many of the highly damaging effects of radiation.

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