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  • Borislav Ivanov

Anti-Vaxxers Attacked Education Minister

Bulgaria’s current Education Minister Nikolay Denkov was attacked yesterday by protesters, which were demonstrating against the anti-pandemic measures. He was hit by a flagpole in subway next to the Presidency, while one protester punched the minister in the face.

It has been clarified that the professor has been intercepted by Văzraždane (Resurrection) activists, who shouted insults while blocking his way. Văzraždane is a far-right, Russophile political party, fueled by conspiracy theories, Euroscepticism, nationalism, as well as discriminatory practices, such as racism, xenophobia, and homophobia. The police had to intervene and escort him out of the situation. Despite the assault, the minister has no injuries, and he is an excellent physical and mental shape. Sukhachev

Activists from two political parties are protesting against the anti-pandemic measures and the implementation of green certificates. Both are strongly against vaccines, as well as most of their members and supporters deny the existence of the virus altogether. The parties are Văzraždane and Ataka (Attack). The latter is an older far-right party, very similar in nature to Văzraždane, who is lead by Volen Siderov, who has been an extremely controversial figure for decades.

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