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  • Borislav Ivanov

An organized attack against the LGBT in Bulgaria

Recently, there was an organized attack against an LGBTI office and community center in Sofia. “Rainbow Hub”, part of the Bilitris Foundation, was attacked during a trans community gathering. The leader of the attack was the far-right demagogue Boyan Rasate, who is well-known for conspiratorial, homophobic and xenophobic rhetoric and actions. He is currently running for president of Bulgaria.

The Central Electoral Committee decided to address this issue, proposing to hold a referendum on depriving Rasate of political immunity. The Electoral Committee overwhelmingly voted “Yes”, which is going to lead to Rasate being prosecuted.

This Monday, a massive anti-homophobic protest was organized in the center of Sofia. The protestors demand Rasate be prosecuted for this organized attack, as well as changes in the legislature of Bulgaria, which expands on hate crimes against people from the LGBT community. They shouted slogans like: “Fascism is not an opinion, it’s a crime.”, and “No to hate!”.

During an interview this morning, Rasate was removed from NOVA’s studio, after shouting at the hosts, and showing them pornographic images of men, probably from his own personal collection. His last words before he left the studio were “do you see the one with the big eggplant?”

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