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  • Borislav Ivanov

A top CCP leader has been accused of sexual assault

Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai has accused retired Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli of pressuring her to have sex with him. As proof of this, she has shown screenshots of her conversations with him. Chinese authorities are scrambling to censor her in any way possible, deleting anything related to this.

Accusations like this never go public in China. It is widely accepted, that if a CCP official pressures you to have sex with him, you should do it, as you can benefit from this. If you get raped, you wouldn’t report it either, as there may be severe consequences for you and your family.

The fact that this story has gone public and is circulating the world is a beacon of hope amidst the demented practices of the Chinese government. Maybe this means that more women are going to be brave enough to share their own personal accounts of similar situations happening to them. Sadly, it is not to be expected for any perpetrator of such crimes in China to receive any sort of a sentence, as this would mean tens of thousands of higher and lower level CCP officials would have to get sentenced as well.

This time, censorship kicked in with lighting speed – Peng’s post was deleted within 30 minutes after it was posted; screenshots of the post, which were circulating social media and private chat groups were deleted as well; any mentions of her online were removed as well; any unrelated platform, where people were discussing this, was censored as well.

Despite the attempts to censor this, the whole world is now well aware of this. And if the Chinese government doesn’t do something about this publicly, then this would be yet another factor in their inevitable downfall.

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