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  • Borislav Ivanov

A 60-kilometer-long column of Russian armored vehicles, tanks and artillery heading towards Kyiv

The peace talks have failed, just as expected. The result is the agreement to conduct another round of peace talks in a couple of days.

Russia still hasn’t made any significant progress, meeting Ukrainian resistance at every corner. Kharkiv is still repelling all Russian attacks, Kyiv is firmly in Ukrainian hands, and Russians have been repelled around Mariupol’.

A vast Russian military convoy of hundreds of tanks, trucks, towed artillery pieces, and support vehicles has been photographed steadily approaching Kyiv.

Maxar Technologies satellite photographs show the convoy reaching a distance of around 65 kilometers. Early Tuesday, the Ukrainian news source UNIAN reported the same length.

The convoy, which is larger than expected, is slowly making its way toward the outskirts of Kiev.

Until now, Ukrainian forces have been able to stall the Russian invasion, but it is unknown how long they will be able to stave off the Russian assault on the capital.

More than 100 civilian deaths have been confirmed by the UN.

Since the Russian incursion began on Thursday, UN human rights director Michelle Bachelet has documented the deaths of 102 people, including seven children. Hundreds more had been hurt, and the estimates presented were most certainly understated.

Residents of Kyiv who have stayed in the city have taken refuge at underground stations.

According to the UN, over 500,000 people have fled the nation in search of safety in neighboring countries.

Australia invests millions of dollars in ammunition and gear.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has revealed further information about the intention to transfer funding to Ukraine.

Canberra has pledged $50 million (€44.6 million) to equip Kyiv with both deadly and non-lethal defense assistance. Morrison predicted that the majority of the support would be "lethal."

The impact of sanctions

Sanctions have taken a toll on Russia's economy, prompting the Central Bank to announce that it will raise its main interest rate to an unprecedented 20%, up from 9.5 percent, in response to fresh sanctions imposed in the aftermath of the invasion of Ukraine.

The Russian ruble has dropped over 30% versus the US dollar.

According to human rights organizations, hundreds of anti-war protestors were detained on Monday in both Russia and Belarus.

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