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  • Borislav Ivanov

5 people killed at Wisconsin Christmas parade

Five people have been killed and more than 40 were injured after a car crashed into a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, on Sunday afternoon, according to municipal officials.

A school band and a grannies' dance group were among those marching through Waukesha when a red SUV came hurtling down the road.

It hit dozens of people, and many of them were children.

One individual has been apprehended. According to one source, the event does not appear to be a terrorist attack "at this moment." The suspect looked to be leaving another situation when he ran into individuals at the parade, according to a law enforcement person familiar with the investigation's preliminary findings.

The culprit is Darrell E. Brooks, an “aspiring rapper” with a hefty criminal record, including recent domestic abuse.

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