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About Us

"For a thriving society, it's crucial to maintain balance and preserve essential rights, like freedom of speech, to safeguard the foundations of democracy."

“The Balanced News” is a small team of dedicated freedom of speech advocates operating throughout Europe, headquartered in Sofia. In our frighteningly polarised and hostile paradigm, staying unbiased is practically impossible. Although we cannot promise to stay fully unbiased on specific topics, what we can do is invite discourse, cover opposing topics, and incorporate a “counter opinions” section to articles. We aim to be a tool for dispelling the overflowing amounts of rampant propaganda that has engulfed the world. We want to provide people with pure and factual information to as large of an extent as possible.


“Unbiased” is a term that we cannot use, and we can’t claim to be, as such a thing doesn’t exist. When it comes to data, truth is objective. But when people’s feelings and opinions get mixed in, then we’re entering the subjective territory.


What we claim to be, however, is inherently being anti-censorship and unsponsored by any sort of political or non-political organisation. Our code of ethics includes ensuring and preserving freedom of speech, involving local communities, reporting on both global and local issues, increasing the transparency of political, judicial, and law enforcement entities, and giving a voice to the unheard.


As our team expands, we will expand the scope of the topics we cover. If you wish to work with us, or if you wish to report something you deem newsworthy, do not hesitate to contact us.


Borislav Razkovnik, founder & CEO of The Balanced News

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